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【111/9/14(三) 10:00-12:00】 Rewarding Career at the Mayo Biomechanics Laboratory

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    2022成大研發論壇『看見成大、卓越領航』系列講座於9月14日(星期三)邀請安介南教授蒞臨演講,講座專題:Rewarding Career at the Mayo Biomechanics Laboratory
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    【主 講 者】中央研究院安介南院士
    【講座專題】Rewarding Career at the Mayo Biomechanics Laboratory
    【講座時間】9月14日(三) 10:00-12:00
    【演講摘要】I am grateful to have had the privilege of being part of the Mayo Biomechanics laboratory for the past 40 years. The laboratory was established during the early stages of the field, in response to clinical needs. The initial goal was the development of joint replacement for treating arthritis. At that time, many inquiries could be easily answered with simple equations and equipment. Nevertheless, our contributions, including the studies of the functional anatomy, human kinematic and kinetics, were innovative. Gradually, more sophisticated analyses and complicated measurements were required for describing tissue properties and characterizing their responses to the mechanical environment. Mayo is a unique place with both rich medical expertise and high patient demands, so translation of the bench findings to bedside applications was readily available. During this period, great impacts were made in improving the precise diagnoses and effective treatments of degenerative joints and damaged tissues. The field of biomechanics has matured and become well-recognized as one of the scientific disciplines. A multidisciplinary approach to solving challenging clinical problems has become the new norm in medical science investigation. For example, mechanobiology performed in the laboratory helps to better understand the mechanisms associated with tissue degeneration and potential regeneration. The findings from this will be critical in developing strategies for injury prevention and modalities for more effective treatments. Advances in medical imaging enable biomechanic principles to be further efficiently applied to precision medicine and population studies. Finally, the most enjoyable part for me has been the lifelong relationships formed among fellows and the laboratory staff. Fellows, coming from all over world, bring not only their talent and professional expertise but also their culture to the laboratory. Their many contributions to carry out these studies have been critical to the success of the laboratory. It’s been particularly rewarding to witness many of the fellows eventually carry out additional biomechanic research in their own institutions with intelligent students and much more modern facilities. I praise the Lord for giving me this joyful career and these precious friendships during my time with the Mayo Biomechanics Laboratory.
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