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【112/09/25 deadline】Call for Proposal:2023 WUN Research Development Fund-Sustainable Development

Subjct Call for Proposal:2023 WUN Research Development Fund-Sustainable Development
Contact  Ms. Patrice Tsai (蔡浟錡小姐) 06-2757575 # 50921
Deadline  112/9/25 Monday 
RDF and Themes of 2023 Research Development Fund (RDF) is an annual competitive fund offered by the WUN, with grants up to £10,000 for international researchers across the network to collaborate. RDF has come to its 15th year, and to date, has invested over £2.4 million into fostering international, interdisciplinary research collaboration. 

The WUN Strategic Plan 2023-2026, we encourage proposals that address problems in one or more of the following areas within the context of sustainable development :  
。Social justice and human rights; inequality (SDG16)
。Sustainable world: cities and urbanization; energy transitions; water, and food security (SDG 2、6 、7、11、17)
。Mental health; child and maternal health; ageing (SDG3)  
。Responsible and ethical applications of Artificial Intelligence   
Eligibility To be eligible for consideration, a research collaboration must include at least two additional WUN members (excluding NCKU) from distinct regions. External partners and non-WUN universities are also encouraged to participate.However, it is crucial to note that the WUN member university must play a central role in the proposed project. The applications will undergo comprehensive evaluation and ranking, considering various criteria such as project objectives, collaborative synergy, the distinct advantages offered by WUN, potential impact, and project sustainability.
How to apply? Should you express interest in submitting a proposal, we kindly request that you diligently complete the requisite documentation provided below and promptly return it by submitting the documents to the following web address:https://forms.gle/vAesSbMQXGR4DFsSA . For any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Patrice Tsai via e-mail at z11109071@ncku.edu.tw or by phone at extension number 50921. 
。Application Form (template attached)
。Program Budget (template attached)
。CV of the Principal Investigator (1 page max) with URL links to partner investigators 
。Letter of Support (Application for PI must submit the letter of support for the team members)
Information Session  For detailed information, please visit the following link : https://ord.ncku.edu.tw/news-397.html
Important Points to Note The internal application period will remain open until Monday, 25th September 2023. Subsequently, all applications will be thoroughly reviewed by the committee members of NCKU, and the outcome will be announced by mid-October 2023. The selected teams will then be recommended to WUN for further evaluation. We kindly emphasize that any submissions received after the deadline will regrettably not be considered.
University Support for the RDF The University will allocate subsidies to the approved projects in accordance with the funding availability of the annual research funding budget.  
We eagerly anticipate the submission of your application. If you have any inquiries or require further information regarding the RDF, please do not hesitate to contact us.