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YuShan Scholar Lecture Series: AI in Life Sciences

  • 主旨

    YuShan Scholar Lecture Series: AI in Life Sciences
  • 聯絡人/分機

    楊筌傑先生 06-2757575 轉50923
    吳芸綾秘書 06-2757575 轉50905
    卓靖容小姐 06-2757575 轉50922
  • 內容

    【Takashi Gojobori】【Title】NCKU YuShan Scholar
    【Topic】Opportunities and Challenges of Life Science and AI
    【Date】5月14日 (Tue) 12:00PM-13:30PM

    【Sheng-Tzong Cheng (鄭憲宗) 】【Title】President of National Taitung University, Faculty of NCKU
    【Topic】From computing to learning: Opportunities for AI
    【Date】5月21日 (Tue) 12:00PM-13:30PM

    【Andrey Rzhetsky】【Title】 Professor of Department of Medicine, University of Chicago
    【Topic】 Using AI for dissecting complex human disease
    【Date】 6月4日 (Tue) 10:30 AM-12:00PM (online)

    【Toshinori Endo】【Title】 Professor of Hokkaido University
    【Topic】 An Impact of AI in Life Science: AI Revolution of Protein Tertiary Structure by "AlphaFold 2" as an Example
    【Date】 6月5日 (Wed) 12:00PM-13:30PM(online)

    【Robert Hoehndorf】【Title】Associate Professor of Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering Division, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
    【Topic】Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Predicting Protein Functions and Phenotypes
    【Date】6月11日 (Tue) 12:00PM-13:30PM(online)
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