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【Due on 17th July 2024 (Wed.)】The new Google Academic Research Awards (GARA) program are now open!

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    The new Google Academic Research Awards (GARA) program is now open! Awards amounts vary by topic and can reach $150,000 USD. Apply here by July 17, 2024, at 11:59:59pm AOE at here.
  • 截止收件時間

    July 17, 2024, at 11:59:59pm
  • 聯絡人/分機

    卓靖潔   06-2757575 轉 50927
  • 內容

    1.Award details
    Open to professors (assistant, associate, etc.) at a university or degree-granting research institution.
    Applicants may only serve as Principal Investigator (PI) or co-PI on one proposal per round. There can be a maximum of 2 PIs per proposal.
    Awards amounts vary by topic up to $150,000 USD, and are disbursed as unrestricted gifts to the institution.   

     2.GARA program recognizes and supports academic research in computing and technology that makes a positive difference in the world. Each cycle, GARA's research areas will evolve to address global challenges. This year, we are inviting proposals in the following areas:

    - Creating ML benchmarks for climate problems: Developing data-driven solutions for climate action using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), with a focus on robust benchmarks for model evaluation.

    - Making education equitable, accessible and effective using AI: Improving educational outcomes for all learners through AI, with a focus on equity, inclusivity and research on AI-powered learning systems, teacher empowerment and accessibility tools.

    - Quantum transduction and networking for scalable computing applications: Advancing distributed quantum computing through research on transduction of superconducting qubits, alternative platforms, and novel applications beyond parallel compute and quantum key distribution.

    - Society-centered AI: Harnessing AI's transformative potential for societal good through a multi-stakeholder approach, understanding diverse needs, and creating impactful solutions for underserved communities.

    - Trust & safety: Improving digital safety across the online ecosystem, tackling issues like scams, misinformation, child safety and generative AI through research from various disciplines.

    - Using Gemini & Google’s open model family to solve systems and infrastructure problems: Leveraging Gemini and Gemma to advance next-generation computing infrastructure, enhancing efficiency, security and sustainability with a focus on machine learning optimization.

    相關連結: https://research.google/programs-and-events/google-academic-research-awards/

    Please review the updated FAQ section of the program site and the application companion resource.  Feel free to reach out to research-awards@google.com with any remaining questions.
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